Committee of Directors

Dr Vibha Dhawan

Director General

Mr Girish Sethi

Senior Director, Energy

Dr Jitendra Vir Sharma

Senior Director, Land Resources

Mr A K Saxena

Senior Director, Electricity and Renewables

Dr Banwari Lal

Senior Director, Environmental & Industrial Biotechnology

Mr Sanjay Seth

Senior Director, Sustainable Habitat

Dr Dipankar Saharia

Senior Director- Administrative Services and Regional Centres

Mr R R Rashmi

Distinguished Fellow and Programme Director, Resource Efficiency & Governance

Dr Suneel Pandey

Director, Circular Economy and Waste Management

Dr G R Narsimha Rao

Director, Industrial Energy Efficiency

Ms Suruchi Bhadwal

Director, Earth Science and Climate Change

Ms Shabnam Bassi

Director, Sustainable Buildings

Mr Anshuman

Director, Water Resources

Dr Shailly Kedia

Associate Director, Sustainable Development and Outreach

Dr Veeranna Channashettar

Associate Director, Environmental & Industrial Biotechnology

Dr Livleen K Kahlon

Associate Director, Environment Education and Awareness

Mr Prosanto Pal

Associate Director, Industrial Energy Efficiency

Mr Amit Singhal

Associate Director, Information Technology and Services

Dr Amit Kumar Thakur

Associate Director, Social Transformation and CSR

Dr P K Bhattacharya

Associate Director, Knowledge Resource Centre

Mr Souvik Bhattacharjya

Associate Director, Resource Efficiency & Governance

Ms Anupama Jauhry

Associate Director, Communications & Publications

Dr Nupur Bahadur

Associate Director, Circular Economy and Waste Management

Mr Sharif Qamar

Associate Director, Transport and Urban Governance

Dr Manish Kumar Shrivastava

Associate Director, Earth Science and Climate Change

Ms Gauri Mathur

Associate Director, Human Resources

Dr Anju Goel

Associate Director, Air Quality Research