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TERI will provide professional courses to upskill students and professionals in the diverse fields the organization conducts its research work. The learnings of the organization will further branch out to the people in the field who will want to learn and engage with updated knowledge and skillsets.

Courses at TERI are crafted and taught by industry experts who are passionate about sharing their knowledge. Learning from real-world experiences will gain insights that go beyond the common textbook knowledge and provide learners with a deeper understanding of the subject.

With professionals in diverse strata of research, the course topics will broadly include:

Agriculture Climate Energy Environment Habitat Health and Nutrition Resources

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Understanding Air Pollution in India: From Awareness to Action

The course covers various aspects of air pollution in India. The course aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to become advocates for change in their communities and future careers.

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Biophilic Design Approach for Improved Performance

This course delves into the principles, practices, and benefits of biophilic design, offering participants a comprehensive understanding of how to create spaces that enhances quality of life.

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Introduction to Green Building Profession Skill Training & Management

This course serves as the first step for individuals aspiring to become Green Building Professionals.

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Urbanization: The Growth and Transformation of Cities

This course delves into the multifaceted realm of urbanism and urbanization, exploring the fundamental questions surrounding the existence of cities and the pivotal role economics plays in their formation.

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Valuation of Ecosystem Services

The course will provide an understanding of importance and need of valuation of ecosystem service, an overview of existing valuation frameworks and a critical review of valuation methods and tools, highlighting the importance of integrating ecosystem service value in policy and decision making.

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Offline Training Programme

TERI has also organized several training programmes in the past on offline mode as per the requirements of the professionals. TERI wishes to keep this option open for more interactive and deeper learning through face-to-face learning provided by experts working at TERI. These courses will be periodically made available with the latest content and updated learnings.


TERI is open to collaborate with institutions/professional bodies to jointly conduct training and capacity building programmes or create training modules under specific domains.

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