Dr P K Bhattacharya

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Dr P K Bhattacharya
Associate Director, Knowledge Resource Centre

Dr Bhattacharya is Fellow & Head at Knowledge Management Division, TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute), New Delhi. He supervises and manages knowledge procurement, management and user-centric services in TERI. Dr Bhattacharya has years of expertise in conceptualizing and developing electronic value based knowledge services. He specializes in project planning and implementation; knowledge processing, organizing and analysis; editorial activities and knowledge service innovation. He has been engaged as knowledge support in several sponsored projects from Indian government ministries such as Ministry of Environment, forests and climate change; Department of Science and Technology etc, and other international organizations including IMF, World Bank, International Transport forum, GIZ, Asian development Bank etc.

Dr Bhattacharya also functions as Coordinator and Head of Environmental Information System on Renewable Energy and Climate Change in TERI which prepares several subject specific reports and undertakes several implementation projects on behalf of Ministry of Environment, Forests, and Climate Change, Government of India. Dr Bhattacharya has also implemented community-driven environment awareness projects and more than 16 skill development programmes where over 450 participants across India got trained resulted into livelihood generation of participants.

His recent area of work is in capacity development, enterprise knowledge and research data management. He published several research papers, book chapters, and bibliographies. He has also organized several international conferences on digital libraries and is a regular speaker in conferences and workshops. He is also associated with IGNOU for planning and development of course modules.

Email: pkbhatta@teri.res.in