Pumped Storage Plants - Essential for India's Energy Transition

January 15, 2024
| Ongoing project

Pumped Storage Hydropower is a mature and proven technology and operational experience is also available in the country. CEA has estimated the on-river pumped storage hydro potential in India to be about 103 GW. Out of 4.75 GW of pumped storage plants installed in the country, 3.3 GW are working in pumping mode, and about 44.5 GW projects are at various stages of development.

Skill Development and Awareness Programmes

January 8, 2024
| Ongoing project
| Sustainable Agriculture | Climate Change | Energy | Transport | Energy Efficiency | Waste | Resource Efficiency & Security | Environment

TERI Knowledge Resource Centre (TERI KRC), is committed to fostering sustainable development and empowering individuals through innovative skill development and entrepreneurship programs. Over the years, we have conducted several residential skill development and online entrepreneurship development training programs, focusing on solar energy and waste management.

Knowledge Repositories & Information Centre

January 5, 2024
| Ongoing project
| Sustainable Agriculture | Climate Change | Energy

TERI is a leading knowledge-based organization engaged in research in the fields of energy, environment, and sustainable development. Its strength lies in not only identifying and articulating intellectual challenges straddling a number of disciplines of knowledge but also in mounting research.

Knowledge Products & Services

January 5, 2024
| Ongoing project
| Sustainable Agriculture | Climate Change | Transport | Water | Buildings

TERI Knowledge Resource Centre (KRC) is the primary repository and gateway to support learning, research and intellectual stimulation. It offers a wide range of information resources and products that are customized to meet and fulfill the specialized information need and demand of the users. The services offered by KRC are primarily grouped into four distinct categories.

Study of Studies

January 3, 2024
| Ongoing project
| TERI Knowledge Resource Centre

Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region (MDoNER), Government of India, has sponsored a study titled ‘Study of Studies’ to The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), New Delhi to analyse the impact of these studies in NER development.

OTBL Campus Impact Challenge

December 27, 2023
| Ongoing project
| Water | Forest & Biodiversity | Waste | Health & Nutrition | Environment | Energy | Climate Change

The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) in partnership with ONGC TERI Biotech Limited (OTBL), brings to you ‘OTBL Campus Impact Challenge’ – an initiative for the youth and by the youth for creating positive spaces.

Green Harmony: Nurturing Eco Awareness

December 12, 2023
| Ongoing project
| Sustainable Habitat | Environment

India, a nation abundant in natural resources and steeped in traditional wisdom, displays a rich history of harmonious coexistence with the environment. Its cultural fabric, customs, and festivals all draw upon age-old traditions, reinforcing a deep connection to the natural world.

Youth Climate Conclave

December 2, 2023
| Ongoing project
| Environment

Youth have a critical role in combating climate change. The aim of Youth Climate Conclave (YCC) is to engage youth in positive & proactive way in science-based discussions on most relevant climate change issues & in the process identify opportunities for youth & governments to drive joint action to fulfil the climate change agenda.

SDG Blueprint for Sustainable Agriculture

November 29, 2023
| Ongoing project
| Sustainable Agriculture | Environment | Climate Change | Centre for Sustainable Development Research & Leadership | Resources & Sustainable Development

The study aims to develop an SDG Blueprint to inform integrated approaches on sustainable agriculture at the national level in India. It is crucial that the lenses of sustainable development, climate action, value chains and multi-stakeholder approaches be considered for sustainable agriculture to contribute towards food security, livelihoods, and ecosystem integrity.