Leveraging carbon finance projects for a livelihood fillip

20 May 2024 |
Dr Jitendra Vir Sharma
| The Tribune

Carbon finance projects hold immense potential for driving sustainable development and poverty alleviation, writes Dr Jitendra Vir Sharma, Senior Director, Land Resources Division, TERI.

Nuclear Renaissance in India: Public Acceptance a Key Challenge

14 May 2024 |
| Mr K Ramanathan and Dr Arunendra Kumar Tiwari
| ET EnergyWorld

COP28 has officially endorsed "the critical role of nuclear energy for reducing the effects of climate change." This signifies a growing international acceptance of nuclear power as a potential solution for achieving net-zero emissions, write Mr K Ramanathan, Distinguished Fellow and Dr Arunendra Kumar Tiwari, Associate Fellow, Electricity & Renewables Division, TERI.

Fostering sustainable futures

28 Apr 2024 |
Ms Ashwini Pai Panandiker
| The Navhind Times

Goa became the first state in India to come out with its strategy on Resource Efficiency (RE) and Circular Economy (CE) in February 2020. The Directorate of Planning, Statistics and Evaluation (DPSE), Government of Goa was the nodal agency for preparing this strategy. As a knowledge partner, TERI helped to develop this Strategy with support from the European Union-Resource Efficiency Initiative (EU-REI). Even with government policies and initiatives in place, the state still struggles with littering, emphasising the urgent need to promote behavioural or mindset changes among the population, particularly in regard to source segregation, says Ms Ashwini Pai Panandiker, Fellow, Earth Science and Climate Change Division, TERI.

Climate change impact now part of the constitutional discourse

23 Apr 2024 |
Dr Prodipto Ghosh
| The Tribune

International agreements provide only for very modest levels of funding to developing nations for adapting to climate change, says Mr Prodipto Ghosh, Distinguished Fellow, Earth Science and Climate Change Division, TERI.

The new right for climate action in India

21 Apr 2024 |
| Ms Harshita Kaur, TERI
| The Financial Express

The impacts on right to equality are also evident with the varying geography of India and a range of vulnerable populations, says Ms Harshita Kaur, Research Associate, Transport and Urban Governance Division, TERI.

Climate change affecting crop output, productivity

17 Apr 2024 |
Dr Arvind Kapur
| The Hindu Business Line

With dwindling water resources, raising food output will be a challenge, says Dr Arvind Kapur, Distinguished Fellow, Sustainable Agriculture Division, TERI.

Priority for human development

15 Apr 2024 |
| Mr Nitin Desai, TERI
| Business Standard

The Union government should allow federalism to function more effectively if it wishes to push human development, says Mr Nitin Desai, Chairman, TERI.

Is India on the cusp of a nuclear energy renaissance?

15 Apr 2024 |
Mr K Ramanathan
| 360info

Removing institutional bottlenecks will attract foreign and domestic participation in India's nuclear energy programme, says Mr K Ramanathan, Distinguished Fellow, Electricity and Renewables Division, TERI.