Advocating for policy reform and conducting cutting-edge research to develop innovative, integrated, and cost-effective solutions for mainstreaming sustainability principles in the building construction industry. Our comprehensive services range from environmental consultancy and project management to training and capacity building. We place a strong emphasis on resource efficiency with optimization at every stage and component of the building's lifecycle, from design to demolition. Leveraging our world-class modelling and simulation expertise at the Mahindra Center of Excellence, we envision a path toward achieving low-carbon & net-zero buildings of the future.



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    Launch Event for Guidebooks & Toolkits, followed with two-day Webinar Series under Mahindra-TERI Centre of Excellence (CoE) Programme

    22nd to 24th November 2021

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    Gurugram rising water crisis demands immediate attention

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    Guidelines on Water Efficient Measures for Residential Township

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    Water Positive Certification - Consulting, Audit and Certification Services

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TERI inaugurates the Model Demo Habitat at its Gwal Pahari Campus

The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) recently inaugurated the ‘Model Demo Habitat’ developed under the “Habitat Model for Efficiency and Comfort” project supported by the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India at its Gwal Pahari campus.

Green Home to Fight Environmental Degradation: To Achieve Sustainable Development Goals

'Buildings' are the most pronounced elements in the fabric of any city. The housing sector in India is growing at a rapid pace and contributing immensely to the growth of the economy. The simultaneous increase in the demand for homes has caused a significantly high pressure on natural resources causing ecological imbalances such as loss of resilience to fight climate change, loss of biodiversity, and pollution. In this article, Pratiksha Baruah discusses about the tangible and intangible benefits of green buildings.

जलवायु परिवर्तन: बढ़ती गर्मी में कूलिंग ऐशोआराम नहीं बल्कि एक ज़रूरत

Mr Amit Kumar

आने वाले वक़्त में तापमान बढ़ेगा। बढ़ती हुई गर्मी के साथ देश में कूलिंग की ज़रूरत कई गुना बढ़ जाएगी। कूलिंग की आवश्यकताओं को नियंत्रित करने के लिए हमें एनर्जी कंज़र्वेशन बिल्डिंग कोड्स और ग्रीन बिल्डिंग रेटिंग को बड़े पैमाने पर अपनाने की ज़रूरत है। "कूलिंग इंडिया" को एक अभियान की तरह आगे बढ़ाना होगा।

Let fresh air flow in: Solar Passive Architecture can make buildings resilient to Covid 19

Dr G R Narasimha Rao

The Covid 19 pandemic conditions pose challenges for air-conditioned buildings and their occupants. One solution is to look at passive architecture office buildings that maintain indoor temperature through the right mix of fresh air and recirculation, daylighting and artificial lighting etc.

COVID-19: A strategic opportunity for sustainable development

Mr Siddharth Jain

The sector-specific allocations for health, education, and infrastructure the Union Budget 2020-21 collectively make up only a fraction of India's GDP. Our rapidly developing economy is threatened in the wake of a new global pandemic, COVID-19.

Why Green Ratings for Buildings Matter?

Mr Santhosh Ramkumar

An exponential increase in the population over the past decade has led to the emergence of rapid urbanization as a key global trend of prominence and concern. It is expected that more than 40% of the Indian population will be dwelling in urban cities by 2030, and the total urban population of India is anticipated to hit the three quarters of a billion mark by 2050.


Launch Event and Panel Discussion - 'Guidelines on Water Efficient Measures for Residential Townships'

March 22, 2022
to March 22, 2022

TERI is conducting a webinar to share the findings of the 'Guidelines on Water-Efficient Measures for Residential Townships' and sensitize stakeholders on water conservation and its management. The guidelines will be jointly released by MLDL and TERI on the occasion of World Water Day.

The GRIHA Event 2021 - Restoring Green Economy

December 10, 2021
to December 10, 2021

This year's event aims to bring together the green building fraternity and the wider community to work towards restoring a green economy.

On 10th December 2021 | 1700 to 1915 hrs (IST)

Launch Event for Guidebooks & Toolkits, followed with two-day Webinar Series under Mahindra-TERI Centre of Excellence (CoE) Programme

November 22, 2021
to November 24, 2021

The three-day long webinar series focused on developing stakeholder awareness, and share guidelines and toolkits produced under the Mahindra TERI Centre of Excellence (CoE) Programme through carefully curated presentation and panel discussions by built environment experts.


City-centered climate action: Measuring progress for tangible change

September 5, 2023
| Mr Sanjay Seth
| Ms Rhea Srivastava
| The Financial Express

India's G20 presidency has taken commendable steps to empower cities and elevate their role in the fight against climate change says Mr Sanjay Seth, Senior Fellow and Senior Director, Sustainable Buildings Division, TERI and Ms Rhea Srivastava, Associate Fellow, Transport and Urban Governance Division, TERI.

Indian Army's new Thal Sena Bhawan will conform to GRIHA-IV green norms

September 4, 2023 |
September 4, 2023
The Hindu

The Indian Army's new Thal Sena Bhawan (TSB), coming up on a sprawling 39 acre site with a built-up area of 143,450 sq.m., boasts of several green measures conforming with GRIHA-IV (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment) norms. It has been designed for a building life of about 100 years, and is earthquake-resistant, according to C.P. Kukreja Architects, who have been awarded the project. The building will be ready by May-June 2025.

New Parliament building has inbuilt processes to make it energy efficient

May 28, 2023 |
June 14, 2023
The Times of India

The new parliament building, to be inaugurated by PM Mr Modi on 28 May 2023, boasts of an inbuilt process that makes it highly efficient in energy, water and other inputs utilisation and has green building certification of GRIHA (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment) 5 Star. The government sources said there is provision of a decentralised sewage treatment plant that will recycle water and use it for flushing and irrigation needs. "Also, native vegetation is used to minimise irrigation needs with irrigation done efficiently with systems like drip irrigation.

Mahindra-TERI Centre of Excellence launches report on sky modelling and CIE sky type finder tool

November 29, 2022 |
November 29, 2022
Construction Week

MTCoE released a technical report, guidebook, and online toolkit (sky type finder) defining sky luminance across various sky conditions in landlocked cities. Mr Sanjay Seth, senior director, TERI, emphasized that sky modelling is one of the research activities being carried out at MTCoE with an aim to categorize the sky patterns subset from the CIE standard general sky that best represents the sky luminance distribution in Gurugram.

Gurugram rising water crisis demands immediate attention

October 25, 2022
| Ms Tarishi Kaushik
| Moneycontrol

The Millennium City is developing its way into a severe water crisis. There is a need to ramp up water infrastructure such as water meters, pipelines, treatment plant capacities, to meet the demands of rising population. An immediate intervention for restoring the dying water bodies such as lakes, ponds, bundhs, etc. should be done.

A Homebuyer's Guide To Green Buildings

July 29, 2022 |
July 29, 2022
Bloomberg Quint Prime

CEO of GRIHA Council Mr Sanjay Seth said that green buildings have a mix of active and passive features. From a buyer's perspective, that means having power from renewables, water reuse for toilet flushes, low-flow taps to cut wastage, segregated garbage collection, facades that reduce heat, cross ventilation to reduce the use of air conditioners, and concrete that has lower carbon footprint, among others.



Environmental design consultancy and advisory services

We have been actively involved in providing technical consultancy for the design and development of sustainable building complexes. The scope of work has been to review designs provided by architects so as to incorporate energy efficiency measures in the building envelope and systems design. We provide complete green design consultancy, including site planning inputs, full building performance analysis, evaluation of energy systems, renewable energy integration, water and waste management strategies, and achieving indoor air quality standards.

Training & Capacity Building

We conduct capacity building for architects, building developers and service engineers on issues such as Green & Resource Efficient Developments, Construction Site Planning and Management- A GRIHA Approach, Resource Efficiency (Energy & water) in Building Sector, Smart Cities/Urban Infrastructure, Green Construction, Developments in Construction Technology, Disaster Management & Mitigation, Energy Conservation in Buildings, Future trends in Construction Technology, Construction & Demolition Waste Management, Development of Zero Discharge Campus, Solid Waste Management - Bui

Resource conservation study/ energy audit/energy management programme

We undertake resource (energy and water) audit/resource conservation studies for existing buildings/complexes. We have conducted energy audits of around 200 buildings of various categories like hotels, commercial offices, hospitals, schools, universities, shopping malls and theatres. Resource audit and conservation studies are aimed at exploring energy and water conservation possibilities in built environment.

Research & development

We carry out research on energy efficient building envelopes including materials, energy efficient/low cooling technologies etc. A few important project includes UTC-TERI Centre of Excellence on Efficient Buildings, Mahindra-TERI Centre of Excellence on Energy Efficient Building Envelopes and Sustainable Water Use in Habitats, Thermal and Visual comfort studies on somfy roller blinds.

Policy intervention and analysis

We have successfully completed several policy initiatives at central and state government levels towards mainstreaming high performance buildings in India. Senior members of the group are members of the committee of experts for development of the Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) of India (2007). The manual for environmental clearance of large construction for the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India has also been developed at CRSBS.

Water Positive Certification - Consulting, Audit and Certification Services

We undertake water audit of existing buildings/complexes to quantify the impact of water efficient solutions adopted and implemented by the project/organization to reduce their water footprint and also provide technical assistance for enhancing water efficiency of the projects in order to achieve the 'GRIHA Water Positive Certification'.

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Senior Director, Sustainable Habitat
Director, Sustainable Buildings
Area Convenor, Sustainable Buildings