OTBL Campus Impact Challenge: A Youth Initiative for Creating Positive Spaces

December 27, 2023
| Ongoing project
| Water | Forest & Biodiversity | Waste | Health & Nutrition | Environment | Energy | Climate Change

The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) in partnership with ONGC TERI Biotech Limited (OTBL), brings to you ‘OTBL Campus Impact Challenge’ – an initiative for the youth and by the youth for creating positive spaces.

Green Harmony: Nurturing Eco Awareness

December 12, 2023
| Ongoing project
| Sustainable Habitat | Environment

India, a nation abundant in natural resources and steeped in traditional wisdom, displays a rich history of harmonious coexistence with the environment. Its cultural fabric, customs, and festivals all draw upon age-old traditions, reinforcing a deep connection to the natural world.

Youth Climate Conclave

December 2, 2023
| Ongoing project
| Environment

Youth have a critical role in combating climate change. The aim of Youth Climate Conclave (YCC) is to engage youth in positive & proactive way in science-based discussions on most relevant climate change issues & in the process identify opportunities for youth & governments to drive joint action to fulfil the climate change agenda.

SDG Blueprint for Sustainable Agriculture

November 29, 2023
| Ongoing project
| Sustainable Agriculture | Environment | Climate Change | Resources & Sustainable Development

The study aims to develop an SDG Blueprint to inform integrated approaches on sustainable agriculture at the national level in India. It is crucial that the lenses of sustainable development, climate action, value chains and multi-stakeholder approaches be considered for sustainable agriculture to contribute towards food security, livelihoods, and ecosystem integrity.

Climate policy assessment and Mitigation Modeling to Integrate national and global Transition pathways for Environmental-friendly Development (COMMITTED)

November 27, 2023
| Ongoing project
| Energy Assessment and Modelling

With no singular pathway to fulfilling Paris Agreement and reaching globally agreed climate targets, the action intends to reinforce global climate change mitigation effort by supporting developing countries.

The Green School - Advancing a Step Towards Sustainable Behaviour

November 23, 2023
| Ongoing project
| Energy Efficiency | Water | Waste | Sustainable Habitat | Environment | Energy | Climate Change

The Green School Initiative launched in April 2017 by Tata Steel Foundation and TERI aims to promote behaviour change for environmental conservation and develop resilience among vulnerable communities through driving school ecosystems by exploring curriculum linkages, operationalizing action projects and capacity-building activities on four broad themes: Energy, Water, Forest & Biodiversity

Digital Twin for Enhanced Electric Distribution Grid Operation and Management

November 17, 2023
| Ongoing project
| Energy | Electricity and Renewables

A digital twin is a dynamic, real-time replica of the physical distribution grid. It brings together data from various sources to provide a comprehensive view of power flows, and grid behaviours. This project will be the first demonstration in India, at a useful scale, of applying cloud-based digital twin technology to an electrical distribution grid.

COOL IT FOR THE CLIMATE: Embracing Sustainable Cooling

November 17, 2023
| Ongoing project
| Energy Efficiency

In a world grappling with the escalating impacts of climate change, sustainable cooling practices have emerged as a critical area of focus. Refrigerators and air conditioners, two common household appliances, contribute significantly to global energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Decarbonizing industries in India: A holistic approach for industry transition

November 17, 2023
| Ongoing project
| Energy Efficiency | Resources & Sustainable Development | Energy

The objective of the project is to accelerate transition of Indian industry sector to a low carbon pathway by an integrated approach which focuses on decarbonizing the energy intensive industries (steel, cement) including associated value chains.