Green Harmony: Nurturing Eco Awareness

12 Dec 2023
Green Harmony

India, a nation abundant in natural resources and steeped in traditional wisdom, displays a rich history of harmonious coexistence with the environment. Its cultural fabric, customs, and festivals all draw upon age-old traditions, reinforcing a deep connection to the natural world. India has been a devoted advocate for climate justice, embracing eco-friendly, inventive, and sustainable practices over the decades. Even today, a significant portion of the population relies on traditional medical approaches.

For ages, the ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ principle has been deeply embedded in Indian daily life and culture. The problems presented by the emergence of neo-liberalism and commercialization have not resulted in eradicating traditional knowledge and cultural traditions; instead, they have persevered over time. Significantly, these priceless customs endure in our lives, deserving both acknowledgement and attention.

The fascinating thing about these cultural knowledge practices is that they are still relevant in our contemporary society, emphasizing how important it is to recognize and celebrate them. The understanding that followed is the start of a social media movement called "Green Harmony: Nurturing Eco Awareness".

The principal objective of this campaign is to highlight the complex relationship between cultural practices, traditional knowledge, and sustainable development. The campaign aims to preserve and revitalize customs and traditions ingrained in Indian civilizations for many years. It also seeks to close the gap between research and society by promoting creative, environmentally responsible solutions to problems facing the modern world.

The campaign encourages schoolchildren to share traditional knowledge and cultural traditions regardless of age, gender, social class, or geographic region. By doing this, we aim to provide a platform for the next generation to actively participate in the upkeep and preservation of these priceless facets of India's cultural legacy.


  • Recreate/Recall: This campaign will focus on revisiting or recalling the traditional practices followed by generations and promoting the significance of individual initiatives for realization of sustainable development.
  • Sharing: Participants will share their experience after recalling and collecting the traditional practices.
  • Compilation: The practices will be compiled region-wise with aggressive promotion through social and local media platforms.
  • Propagate knowledge: For effective sharing, the traditional knowledge will be further showcased for wider practice in the form of a book.

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