SDG Blueprint for Sustainable Agriculture

29 Nov 2023
SDG Blueprint

The study aims to develop an SDG Blueprint to inform integrated approaches on sustainable agriculture at the national level in India. It is crucial that the lenses of sustainable development, climate action, value chains and multi-stakeholder approaches be considered for sustainable agriculture to contribute towards food security, livelihoods, and ecosystem integrity. The SDG Blueprint which focuses on the national policy interface between SDGs and sustainable agriculture to inform policy and praxis. It identifies synergies and trade-offs existing between sustainable agriculture and all 17 SDGs along with mapping of complex interlinkages. More information can be accessed from here.

Knowledge Outputs 

Policy Brief on SDG Blueprint for Sustainable Agriculture


Report on SDG Blueprint for Sustainable Agriculture


SDG Blueprint Tool       



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Dr Shailly Kedia,     
Senior Fellow and Associate Director 

Ms Madhuparna Maiti,     
Research Associate

Ms Palak Khanna,     
Research Associate

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