Estimate the potential carbon benefit earn by shifting households to improved cookstoves

January 23, 2023
| Ongoing project
| Energy Access | Air | Climate Change

Indoor air pollution is a critical issue in rural areas. The use of biomass in the traditional household cookstove of the rural areas is also an important source of atmospheric black carbon. Conventional cooking methods have also been reported as important source of ambient air pollution in different cities. Promoting cleaner fuels like LPG to remote rural areas has different issues.

Transformative Climate Action using Participatory data driven decision making platforms (T-CAP)

December 26, 2022
| Ongoing project
| Sustainable Habitat | Climate Change | Cities

India is undergoing rapid urbanization, with its urban population expected to surpass its rural population by 2031. This process has been accompanied by a gamut of social, economic, and environmental changes, including increased greenhouse gas emissions and the potential for greater vulnerability to the impacts of climate change.

Aggregating DSM Opportunities Among Industrial Consumers at Utility Level for Low Carbon Growth

November 27, 2022
| Ongoing project
| Energy

Recognizing the enormous potential for DSM among industrial consumers, TERI, with support from MacArthur Foundation, undertook a study to explore the scope for aggregation of the DSM opportunities among SME industrial consumers in India. For the study, a partnership with the largest private sector power utility, Tata Power, was forged.

Freight Greenhouse Gas Calculator

October 11, 2022
| Ongoing project
| Transport

ELEVATE- Enabling and leveraging climate Action Towards net zero Emissions

September 1, 2022
| Ongoing project
| Energy Assessment and Modelling

By 2025, countries are expected to produce new NDCs covering the post-2030 period, informed during the 2022-23 period by the 6th Assessment Report of the IPCC and the Paris Agreement Global Stocktake.

Integrated development of school and community leading to learning and development through interventions of sustainable technologies

August 11, 2022
| Ongoing project
| Environment

The PNB Gilts CSR project with TERI has led to the implementation of CSR project in Rewari for the community and school on the theme of environment sustainability.

CONCOR CSR Chair project for Environment Sustainability

August 10, 2022
| Ongoing project
| Environment

CONCOR CSR Chair project on Environment Sustainability is a CSR based initiative to address the social and environmental issues for most vulnerable community in India and to provide sustainable solutions on the theme of environment sustainability. The project involved both research and implementation components.

GREEN Olympiad 2022

August 8, 2022
| Ongoing project
| Environment

Initiated in 1999, GREEN Olympiad is one of the leading flagship programs of TERI. It is designed in an innovative manner so as to test knowledge levels of students about environment and sustainable development issues. Genesis of GREEN Olympiad (GO) rests on a vision that awareness about sustainable development issues will provide an empowered youth stewardship for our planet.