OTBL Campus Impact Challenge

27 Dec 2023

The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) in partnership with ONGC TERI Biotech Limited (OTBL), brings to you ‘OTBL Campus Impact Challenge’ – an initiative for the youth and by the youth for creating positive spaces. The programme focusses on learnings about Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), understanding the linkages with various scientific and non-scientific programmes, contesting through identifying challenges on campus, ideating to transform it into environment-friendly space with an aim to ‘walk the talk’ and emphasizing on ‘global’ initiatives.

We are inviting colleges and institutes of higher learning in Gujarat & Assam to take part in the ‘OTBL CAMPUS IMPACT CHALLENGE’.

OTBL Campus Impact Challenge:

Task: Colleges will be required to make an OTBL Campus Impact Group (OTBL-CIG) comprising of 10 Youth Ambassadors and be asked to identify one key (a) sustainability challenge in the their respective campuses (b) design a campaign to transform the problem into an opportunity (c) implement it over a specified period (d) evaluate and assess impact & compete for the ‘OTBL Campus Impact Award’ which will be held at OTBL Campus Impact Meet each in Gujarat & Assam.

Please note: All submissions should be original thought processes that elicit a positive opinion and drive transformative impact in society.

Theme: Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Who can participate: Under graduate and Post graduate students in the age group of 18-23 years from colleges and institutes of higher learning in Gujarat & Assam


  • Participation certificate to all OTBL Campus Impact Group (OTBL-CIG)
  • Seed funding of Rs 5, 000 to 3 colleges/ institute in each state shortlisted to implement CIC for 2 months and merit certificate upon successful completion of the program
  • Cash prize of Rs 5, 000 to the winner of the ‘OTBL Campus Impact Award’ and merit certificate competing in each state

Besides these, all participants will get an opportunity to attend the OTBL Campus Impact Meet each in Gujarat & Assam to be held in June/July 2024. Project eBooklet titled, ‘OTBL CSR Success Story in Campuses’ will also be developed keeping in mind the magnitude of change that the programme has brought about in campuses. The 6 shortlisted CIGs from both the states that will be shortlisted will also be promoted on TERI's website and social media accounts.

Last date to submit and share your entry for the competition through the application form is February 25, 2024!

To register and apply click here

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