Pumped Storage Plants - Essential for India's Energy Transition

15 Jan 2024
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Pumped Storage Hydropower is a mature and proven technology and operational experience is also available in the country. CEA has estimated the on-river pumped storage hydro potential in India to be about 103 GW. Out of 4.75 GW of pumped storage plants installed in the country, 3.3 GW are working in pumping mode, and about 44.5 GW projects are at various stages of development.

TERI’s discussion paper on “Roadmap to India’s 2030 Decarbonization targets”, July 2022, emphasizes the development of pumped storage plants in the country as the first priority amongst the energy storage systems. The paper spells out the ways in which the large-scale PSP capacity can be created in this decade to facilitate the achievement of India’s ambitious goal of having 500GW of non-fossil fuel capacity by 2030.

Ministry of Power has, in April 2023, notified the guidelines to promote pumped storage projects.

The Report on “Pumped Storage Plants - essential for India’s Energy Transition” recommends measures to contribute to the development of pumped storage projects in India.

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