Simplifying Sustainability: A Radio Campaign with 92.7 BIG FM

22 May 2024

'Simplifying Sustainability’ is a radio campaign from The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), in association with 92.7 BIG FM.

The initiative aims to make sustainable practices easier to understand and implement in everyday life.

Often, people find it hard to relate to the concept of sustainability. Therefore, ‘Simplifying Sustainability’ tries to break down complex environmental concepts into actionable and practical steps that individuals can follow to reduce their ecological footprints. These simple sustainability measures can be followed at home and workplaces, such as reducing waste, conserving energy, having your own kitchen garden, compost pits, choosing eco-friendly products, etc.

The campaign will feature TERI experts, who will be speaking on themes like air, energy, environment, climate change, sustainable habitat, and sustainable agriculture.

By demystifying sustainability and making it a part of everyday decisions, it becomes more attainable for everyone, fostering a culture where sustainable living is the norm.

Broadcast Schedule of TERI experts' talk

25 May, 2024 - Dr Suneel Pandey

01 June, 2024 - Ms Suruchi Bhadwal

05 June, 2024 - Mr Girish Sethi

08 June, 2024 - Dr Vibha Dhawan

12 June, 2024 - Mr Sanjay Seth

15 June, 2024 - Dr Dipankar Saharia

22 June, 2024 - Mr Souvik Bhattacharjya

Climate change
Energy efficiency
Sustainable development
Water conservation