Youth Climate Conclave

02 Dec 2023

Youth have a critical role in combating climate change. The aim of Youth Climate Conclave (YCC) is to engage youth in positive & proactive way in science-based discussions on most relevant climate change issues & in the process identify opportunities for youth & governments to drive joint action to fulfil the climate change agenda. YCC is implemented targeting youth in two age categories: 10- 18 years and 19- 25 years. Since 2019, four editions are organized, and in the upcoming phases we strive to reach out to young stakeholders with the goal of strengthening abilities related to critical thinking, creativity, scientific understanding, communication, multilingualism, and digital literacy. A few salient features include competitions (photography, blogging, and short video) for an action-oriented youth engagement, followed by their capacity building on issues leading to an outcome document- Youth Declaration on Climate Action and a Youth Pledge. As a follow-up to successful implementation of four editions of Youth Climate Conclave, TERI in partnership with Delegation of the European Union to India, organized the ‘Youth Climate Conclave (YCC) Boot Camp’ (online), on December 01, 2023, as a run up to the fifth edition of YCC 2024- 2025 and as part of the Green Diplomacy Week 2023.

The half - day online Boot Camp was inaugurated by Mr Bartosz Przywara, Counsellor, Energy, Climate Action, Environment, Delegation of the European Union to India who highlighted that the principles of Environment and Climate Change Action do not need to go against economic growth. He also said that Just Transition is a process of transition from carbon incentive to carbon free economy. Welcoming the participants, Dr Livleen K Kahlon, Associate Director, Environment Education and Awareness (EEA) Division, TERI, highlighted he role of youth as crusaders of positive change. Mr Rajesh Kumar Jha, Country Environment & Sustainability Manager, ABB India during special remarks said that for a fair and inclusive world, we need to arrive at just solutions and not leave anyone behind.

The programme was interspersed with sessions and panel discussions, including one on showcasing youth’s viewpoints on climate change and YCC, which was derived by an assessment. Theme of the panel discussion was, 'Moving towards Just Transition for a fair and inclusive world’. A special youth session was also organised, highlighting the critical deliverables required at all levels for addressing climate change. Experts from fields of climate change, just transition, youth engagement and sustainability were a part of the Boot Camp.

The Boot Camp provided a learning environment for youth (234 participants) to further hone their skills on issues related to climate change and also act as goodwill ambassadors and peer leaders to spearhead the movement.

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