Reporter's Diary: Experts Urge Journalists To Use Effective Storytelling & Raise Awareness On Energy Efficiency

15 Jul 2023
| Gaon Connection

In a media workshop organised by The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) in New Delhi on July 5, energy efficiency experts, communications professionals and journalists, discussed ways to improve public awareness about energy efficiency. 

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Man-made factors at play in city going under water, say experts

14 Jul 2023
| The Hindu

Carrying out construction on the floodplains obstructs the natural flow of the river. So, when the flow increases, the river recaptures its original flow area, flooding these areas says Mr Prasoon Singh, Fellow, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI).

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Has it shaken your kitchen too? Making sense of India's climate-driven tomato crisis

13 Jul 2023
| WION News

Climate change-related extreme weather events are a significant contributing factor to the present scarcity of tomatoes, said Mr Nimish Singh, Associate Fellow, TERI.

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HT G20 Agenda: Why it makes sense for India to consider biofuels

12 Jul 2023
| Hindustan Times

It makes sense for India to consider biofuels as its oil import bills are very high due to scanty petroleum reserves. India's climate is conducive to grow crops on a large scale. If the crop residue can be converted into fuel, it is a win-win situation. Through taller and bigger trees, you can fix more carbon dioxide in the soil and, at the same time, use biomass for biofuel said Dr Vibha Dhawan, Director General, TERI.

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Dhapa garbage hits recycle hurdle

08 Jul 2023
| The Telegraph

Items like metal, rags and paper have good demand in the recycling chain. The authorities must look into this issue. There is no reason why recyclers would not be interested in them said Dr Suneel Pandey, Senior Director, TERI.

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Collaborative efforts to drive energy transition and address food security at the India-Gulf business summit

04 Jul 2023
| ET Edge Insights

The Abu Dhabi-hosted India-Gulf Business Summit featured dynamic discussions and intimate conversations among industry leaders and experts hailing from both India and the Gulf Countries. Dr Vibha Dhawan, Director General, The Energy and Resources Institute (India), underscored the significance of energy transition for India's progress. She accentuated the potential synergies between India and the UAE, capitalizing on India's youthful population and the UAE's financial capabilities to drive

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Blues of green roles: India Inc struggles with ESG talent gap

03 Jul 2023
| The Economic Times

Owing to huge opportunity in the Climate Science, Green Skills and ESG sector, organisations that do not have sufficient technical expertise are reaching out to experts to develop a better understanding of the subject. Organisations with only a partial understanding can be damaging as some of their study recommendations might be adopted in policies and implementations. The only solution is to build capacity and provide the right exposure said Ms Suruchi Bhadwal, Senior Director, The Energy

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Urban Menace: India can no longer afford to monkey around on macaque management; here is why

01 Jul 2023
| Down To Earth

First humans encroached on macaque habitat. Now they invade ours, and are unwilling to return because of easy availability of food. Loss of habitat and a poor waste management system in urban areas gives monkeys easy access to food and is driving the troops here said Dr Yogesh Gokhale, Senior Fellow, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI).

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Teri project to look for partner to process discarded fishing nets along Goa coast

28 Jun 2023
| The Times of India

Approximately 40 to 50 tonnes of plastic waste is generated every month along Goa's coast by discarded fishing nets alone, according to TERI estimates.

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Five Key takeaways from ETAuto Tech Summit 2023

26 Jun 2023
| ET Auto

According to Mr I V Rao, Distinguished Fellow, TERI, explained how Industry looks at ready-to-adopt solutions and that the gap can be filled by startups which need support from incubation centres.

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