Exposure to PM2.5 found to increase anaemia, low birth weight risk among Indian children

01 Nov 2023
| The Print

Exposure to fine particle pollution (PM2.5) has been found to increase the risk of anaemia, acute respiratory infection and low birth weight among children in India, according to a study published in the journal Nature Communications. The team from The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi, and other institutes, also suggested that using 'total PM2.5 mass' to measure exposure to air pollution could "substantially underestimate" the true

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Delhi has world’s most toxic air on farm fires and lack of wind

23 Oct 2023
| Bloomberg

India's capital has recorded the world's most toxic air as seasonal fires to clear farmland added to pollution from vehicles, construction and coal-fired power plants. The current poor air quality is due to a drop in temperatures and slow wind speeds that's hampered the dispersal of pollution says Dr Anju Goel, Fellow, The Energy and Resources Institute.

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Ahead of COP28 Summit, experts discuss plan to bridge Rs 16 tln gap in MSME sustainable finance

20 Oct 2023
| The Economic Times

TERI has launched the Expert Group on financing MSMEs for Long Term Low Carbon Development Strategy in association with Bloomberg Philanthropies, said Dr Manish Kumar Shrivastava, Associate Director, TERI.

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Loss and Damage Fund talks deadlocked before COP28 as rich nations push for World Bank control

19 Oct 2023
| The Print

Private sector capital can be leveraged and other multilateral financial institutions can be asked to contribute to the Fund if it’s operated by the World Bank as a facility. The World Bank facility will offer loans rather than grants. This could lead to countries accumulating debt, said Mr R R Rashmi, former lead climate negotiator and Distinguished Fellow at TERI.

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Prayers and pollution — the two Ps of the Puja

18 Oct 2023
| The Indian Express

Idols are mostly made of PoP and decorated with non-biodegradable materials which are highly contaminating in nature says Ms Niyati Seth, a Research Associate at TERI.

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Early farm fires, Met conditions may help keep toxic air at bay this winter

17 Oct 2023
| The Times of India

Although stubble burning started earlier this year, its frequency is relatively low compared to the overall incidents observed in this period, indicating the worst is yet to come says Mr R Suresh, Senior Fellow, Centre for Air Quality Research, TERI.

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GCC cracks down on big bulk waste generators, imposes fine

10 Oct 2023
| The Times of India

To tackle the menace, the GCC is in talks with TERI, a research think-tank to take sessions for BWGs on rules, penalties and impacts of dumping bulk waste in GCC bins. Ms V Videesha, research associate, waste management division, TERI, said they would be speaking on how BWGs could manage organic waste composting, producing bio-gas and outsourcing them.

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In green push, bicycles emerge as new mode of transport in Srinagar

08 Oct 2023
| Deccan Herald

According to a study by TERI, if bicycles replaced motorised vehicles for short distance trips, it can result in an annual benefit of Rs 1.8 trillion through energy savings (oil equivalent) and CO2 emission reduction.

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Need and Demand for Green Buildings in India

07 Oct 2023
| The CSR Journal

Energy efficiency lies at the core of green buildings. They optimise energy efficiency, water usage, and waste management, while also considering the use of local materials and ecology. The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) estimates that embracing green building concepts could save a substantial 8,400 megawatts of power annually in Indian urban areas, effectively providing lighting for 550,000 homes each year. These figures underscore the significant impact green buildings can

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Developed nations' L&D funding proposals threaten progress at COP28, Global South experts warn

30 Sep 2023
| The Hindu Business Line

India should insist on consistency with UNFCCC principles of equity and common-but-differentiated responsibilities. The Responsibility lies squarely with developed countries, there cannot be two sets of rules one for general climate finance and another for loss and damage said Mr RR Rashmi, Distinguished Fellow, TERI.

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Sustainability Dialogues: An interview with Dr Vibha Dhawan, Director General, TERI

29 Sep 2023
| BSG for SDG Sustainable Newsletter, issue 13, September 2023

It is natural to feel overwhelmed when faced with huge challenges such as combating air pollution and promoting sustainability. However, the key is in not getting bogged down and maintaining momentum towards working for sustainable solutions. What is important is the choice 'to act' towards a solution which will inspire others to set off a domino effect says Dr Vibha Dhawan, Director General, TERI.

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India Net Zero Forum: Affordability key for undertaking energy transition in India

29 Sep 2023
| ET Energy World

The current production cost of Green Energy at $8 per kg is too expensive, making energy transition a challenge and that the country needs to invest in research and development to address it. India should be co-developing Green energy technology and undertake training of human resources in Green Energy sector says Dr Vibha Dhawan, Director General, TERI.

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