Nepal's honey gatherers say fewer hives threaten tradition

05 Jun 2024
| Reuters

Global studies show that a temperature rise of even one degree affects the growth of bees, the availability of their food and cross pollination of plants, said Ms Suruchi Bhadwal, Senior Fellow, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI). Research showed climate change was disrupting the food chains for bees and the flowering of plants, affecting populations of both across the world, added Ms Bhadwal.

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Amid rising mercury, green constructions gain traction

03 Jun 2024
| Hindustan Times

When it comes to mandates, states have been slow to notify and mandate Union government guidelines such as Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC). For example, in Uttar Pradesh, buildings with a four-star rating from GRIHA (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment, a rating system developed by TERI) are given an additional floor area ratio of 25%. Similar incentives related to additional FSI (Floor Space Index or maximum permissible floor area relative to the plot size) are given by

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Delhi-NCR Pollution: Now if pollution is spread, then there will be a heavy fine; Heavy fine will be imposed for spreading pollution in Delhi NCR six member committee formed

03 Jun 2024
| Dainik Jagran

The factors of air pollution in the National Capital Region will now be monitored more strictly. There will also be strict action against those who violate the rules, including imposing fines and issuing closure notices. The Commission for Air Quality Management (CAQM) has constituted an Enforcement Task Force (ACT) for this. This task force has become effective with immediate effect. Details of members of the six-member task force; 1. Dr. N.P. Shukla, Technical Member & Acting President

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UN ranked it among top 10 projects: Experts laud Namami Gange initiative

31 May 2024

Experts have lauded the initiatives under the Namami Gange programme aimed at rejuvenating the Ganga River in Varanasi. The programme has made significant strides in connecting people with the river and improving water quality through various measures. Dr Nupur Bahadur, Associate Director at TERI, stressed the importance of continuity in river cleaning programs. She said this programme has undertaken numerous innovative approaches. Overall, the success of all the programs thus far has been

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A legacy still cherished, even as potters in Khurja shift to modern kilns to shape clay

24 May 2024
| Press Institute of India

Mr Prosanto Pal, Associate Director of the Industrial Energy Efficiency Division at The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), notes the environmental benefits of Khurja's shift to natural gas, highlighting its minimal impact on the local environment. As the pottery sector is energy-intensive, the fuel used in the sector has a bearing on the local industry. However, he cautions against viewing this transition as the ultimate solution, pointing out the scarcity of natural gas resources.

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Pine needle power projects to check Uttarakhand forest fires prove to be inadequate

24 May 2024
| The Hindu

Despite the potential, there are many challenges on the ground in Uttarakhand's forests that result in only a miniscule proportion of the available pine needles being collected. Experts have said despite the potential, there are many challenges on the ground in Uttarakhand's forests that result in only a miniscule proportion of the available pine needles being collected. Mr Yogesh Gokhale, Senior Fellow, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) said the steep forest slopes, attacks by wild

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TERI gets nod to document Assam's unexplored traditional knowledge

21 May 2024
| The Times of India

The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), in collaboration with The Directorate of Indigenous and Tribal Faith and Culture, has secured govt's approval to document the unexplored traditional knowledge (TK) of Assam. The objective is to identify and replicate the most efficient traditional techniques, methodologies and best practices to ensure their continuity and preservation. The collaboration aims to conduct documentation, assessment and protection of TK in Assam.

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More research required for decarbonising electricity: TERI

21 May 2024
| The Hindu Business Line

India needs to undertake detailed studies, on an ongoing basis, to get more clarity on the pathways required for decarbonising the power sector, a paper by TERI has suggested.

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Workshop on Traditional Knowledge for Sustainable Lifestyle held in Guwahati

20 May 2024
| Guwahati Plus

A workshop on Traditional Knowledge for a Sustainable Lifestyle was held on May 20 in Guwahati, organized by TERI-NERC, Guwahati. The event focused on promoting sustainable living through the application of traditional knowledge, drawing attention to the rich cultural heritage and biodiversity of Assam. Mr Pankaj Chakravarty, Joint Secretary of the Indigenous and Tribal Faith and Culture Department, and Director of the Directorate of Indigenous and Tribal Faith and Culture, Government of

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Leachate Contamination: Leachate pollution at Bandhwari Landfill Site: TERI Study

16 May 2024
| Times of India

MCG has asked The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) to conduct a study on leachate contamination at Bandhwari landfill site and its surrounding areas, according to officials. The study is to determine if leachate from the landfill is seeping into nearby areas and identify the direction of its movement. The corporation seeks to gather the crucial data that will help in assessing environmental and health risks associated with the landfill site. Sources said the institute has also proposed

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Rajasthan to see unprecedented growth in variable renewable energy says expert

15 May 2024
| The Week

Rajasthan is poised to experience unprecedented growth in cost-effective variable renewable energy (VRE) capacity with projections indicating over 60 GW of VRE capacity by 2030, comprising 30 GW of solar photovoltaics (PV) and 30 GW of wind, energy expert Mr Jiwesh Nandan, Distinguished Fellow, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) said. Today, Indian enterprises are actively creating technologies to address future requirements. During his speech at a mentorship programme for enterprises

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AAU signs MoU on carbon financing project to benefit farmers

11 May 2024
| The Hills Times

The Assam Agricultural University signed a memorandum of understanding with TERI and ReNew Power Synergy Private Limited to work on a project to plant one crore trees in 10 districts of the state for carbon financing to benefit farmers.

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