Decarbonizing the built environment: COP28 and cement’s challenge

24 Nov 2023 |
| Ms Sheen Pandita
| The Financial Express

India's position as the world's second-largest cement producer, closely trailing China, merits attention. It boasts a emission intensity of 0.627 tCO2/ton for cement, a figure that, while only marginally lower than the global average, sharply contrasts with the notably higher values of 0.781 in the United States and 0.739 in the United Kingdom, says Ms Sheen Pandita, Project Associate, Sustainable Buildings Division, TERI.

The Sanitation and Climate Nexus

18 Nov 2023 |
Dr Suneel Pandey
| Outlook India

Inadequate management or mismanagement of sanitation services has direct as well as indirect impacts on climate change says, Dr Suneel Pandey, Senior Fellow and Director, Environment and Waste Management Division, TERI.

Recognizing Food & Land-Use Systems as Contributors to Climate Change

10 Nov 2023 |
Dr Vibha Dhawan
| Inter Press Service News

The world is ready to make a transition towards sustainable food and land use practices, and national leaders should seize this opportunity to intensify their fight against climate change. COP28 offers an important platform to accelerate the transformation of our food and land-use systems towards a better, progressive future says Dr Vibha Dhawan, Director General, TERI.

Curing the persistent winter cough in Delhi

07 Nov 2023 |
| Dr Arindam Datta; Mr Prabhat Sharma
| The Hindustan Times

Addressing air quality issues in Delhi requires a comprehensive, apolitical and integrated approach that involves the active participation of various stakeholders, from the governments to the general public, says Dr Arindam Datta, Senior Fellow and Mr Prabhat Sharma, Research Associate, Air Quality Research Division, TERI.

Cleaning our rivers

02 Nov 2023 |
Dr Syamal Kumar Sarkar
Ms Niyati Seth
| The Hindu Business Line

Under the initiative of Namami Gange programme being implemented by NMCG, Integrated River Basin Management (IBRM) approach is being followed. The mission also includes promotion of sustainable agriculture, river hazard management, basin protection against disasters, etc. Further CPCB has also implemented several charters aimed at water recycling and pollution prevention for industrial sectors such as textile, pulp and paper, sugar, etc. Namami Gange initiative can work for the rest says Dr Syamal Kumar Sarkar, Distinguished Fellow and Ms Niyati Seth, Associate Fellow, Water Resources Policy and Management, Water Resources Division, TERI.

India's race to a green hydrogen future

01 Nov 2023 |
Mr Ajay Shankar
| 360info.org

The march to a net zero future has received a boost with India announcing a suite of green hydrogen plans says Mr Ajay Shankar, Distinguished Fellow, TERI.

Will Gaza jeopardise India's energy resilience?

01 Nov 2023 |
| Dr Saswata Chaudhury and Dr Sanchit Saran Agarwal
| 360info.org

Given all the challenges, short- or medium-term geopolitical disturbance like Gaza would not be expected to influence the momentum to India's energy transition but India will definitely follow its own decarbonisation pathway, write Dr Saswata Chaudhury, Senior Fellow & AC, and Dr Sanchit Saran Agarwal, Associate Fellow, Energy Assessment & Modelling Division, TERI.

Heat on UAE to give COP28 ambitious edge we need

23 Oct 2023 |
Mr R R Rashmi
| 360info.org

The UAE, as holder of the COP presidency, will have to deal with four other major tasks: getting agreements on the Global Stocktake of climate action; building consensus on Global Goal on Adaptation; setting up the Loss and Damage Fund; and advancing climate finance commitments beyond 2025 says Mr RR Rashmi, Distinguished Fellow, Resource Efficiency and Governance Division, TERI.

Carbon pricing challenges

16 Oct 2023 |
| Mr Nitin Desai
| Business Standard

India's piecemeal approach to carbon pricing, driven by emerging trade barriers, is not a long-term strategy says Mr Nitin Desai, Chairman, TERI.

Tweak policy for greener energy

16 Oct 2023 |
Mr Ajay Shankar
| The Hindu Business Line

Green thrust. India has moved directly into the green economy skipping the development stage says Mr Ajay Shankar, Distinguished Fellow, TERI.