Climate Compatible Growth (CCG) in the iron and steel industry in India: rethinking patterns of innovation

13 Mar 2024 | Alexandra Mallett

The iron and steel industry plays a crucial role in societies worldwide, forming the backbone of various products, including buildings, infrastructure, and vehicles. However, it is a significant carbon emitter and poses challenges for sustainability. With global calls for sustainability and increasing industrialization in the Global South, the sector's growth is expected to continue, leading to a higher demand for materials like iron and steel.

Waste to wonder: zinc mining waste can be source for magic plant-nutrients

20 Dec 2023 | Dr Suneeti Singh| | Dr Pushplata Singh

Urbanization and industrialization have placed a heavy load on the environment by generating billion tons of harmful garbage every year. A study by TERI found India, in a year, produces over 62 million tons (MT) of waste, making it a leading cause of environmental and public health concerns in the country.

Dr Vibha Dhawan meets heads of governments of Japan and Guyana

03 Nov 2023

Director General brings focus on TERI’s multiple initiatives during visits to Japan, Guyana and the United States

TERI director general Dr Vibha Dhawan met heads of government of Japan and Guyana, and the Indian Ambassador to the United States of America (USA) in the month of October.