Manuals for Energy Efficient Retrofit of Existing Buildings in Different Climatic Zones of India

20 Sep 2023

India is a diverse country with diverse energy consumption patterns in different sectors. Among these sectors, the building sector consumes around 38% (~208 mtoe) of India’s total annual primary energy consumption and 31% (296 TWh) of the total annual electricity consumption. Within the commercial sector, the current built-up area is roughly 1.4 billion square meters. While there is significant progress in getting new buildings to very low, and even zero energy and emissions, there is a tremendous stock of existing buildings where there are significant opportunities for the energy performance to be dramatically improved.

A need for an existing building energy efficiency approach by states/UTs has been felt. Though energy efficiency is a multi-dimensional subject, defining key parameters to bridge the gaps is the need of the hour. Several States and UTs already showcase very high electricity consumption as well as a potential for energy savings in the building sector. The building sector has also showcased impact in terms of adapting newer technologies and several buildings have already started targeting near or net zero building status.

The scope of work includes the inclusion of various aspects of an existing building such as envelope, lighting, HVAC, service water heating and pumping, electrical systems, appliances, and renewable energy integration among others.

Separate manuals will be prepared for the different climate zones and building typologies, ECBC shall be referred to the classification of climate zones. The manuals formulated under this assignment will pave the way for effective implementation and realization of the national goal to achieve a 45% reduction in emission intensity by 2030 over 2005 levels. The scope of this assignment also covers the identification of parameters that correspond to the establishment of energy use benchmarking in line with the Energy Conservation Building Code and Eco Niwas Samhita.

The deliverables of the project are as follows:

Literature Survey Report. (International, National and Comparison with Indian Building Sector)

A national-level survey to assess the expectations from the proposed manuals, establish the gaps and identify potential areas

Energy efficiency manuals

Training programmes conducted in each state/UT.

Bureau of Energy Efficiency
Building retrofit