Through the Bioscope of Time: 50 Years of Shaping Tomorrow

Leading India's development journey for the past five decades by providing transformational solutions through policy research, technological innovation, and advocacy, TERI has been at the centre stage of understanding the ecological impact of climate change to drive sustainable development.

From a small one-room office- instituted under the guidance of visionaries such as Mr JRD Tata and Mr Darbari Seth- to a premier think tank with over 700 professionals, TERI has been a resounding voice in India and the Global South on the need for raising ambition and pushing frontiers for meaningful climate action.

Championing excellence in scientific and policy research and pushing for stronger cooperation between government and businesses, we eagerly anticipate the next 50 years of our mission, ever aligned with our founding values.


Civil society/Grassroots
Policy Makers
Secondary school students
Sustainable development