Solar Flow In Mandakini: A film on battery powered boat

Under the TERI-Indus project, traditional boats are retrofitted with a trolling motor. Boatmen can rent batteries and recharge them at charging stations operated and managed by the boatmen’s association. The retrofitted lithium-ion battery can be charged both by solar and grid power. The battery, which takes four to six hours to charge, is attached to a trolling motor connected to a propeller, which pushes the boat backward or forward. A single charge lasts two and a half hours, enough for a boat to complete two trips on a 10-12 kilometer stretch.

The costs of retrofitting traditional boats and costs associated with the charging centres are supported by Indus Towers under its CSR initiative. A local energy entrepreneur, selected by TERI, oversees retrofitting, installation, and the after-sales services required.

As on date, TERI had set up 12 centralised charging stations and retrofitted more than 60 boats at Varanasi, Chitrakoot, which has directly impacted the livelihood of more than 70 boatmen, apart from creating other environmental benefits of reduction of sound and air pollution, conservation of aquatic life, etc.

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