Intersectional Approaches to Promote Gender Equality

Chakravarty Smita , Mishra Amlan , Banerjee Soham

Striving for gender equality and empowerment has been the focus of the G20 and its 2030 agenda. The impact of various historical, social, economic, and geographical factors have led to women being marginalized and excluded from the development process. Recognising the intersectionality of women’s vulnerability is critical to break them out from the cycle of systemic gender injustices. Learning from diverse experiences of how intersectionality compounds the vulnerability of women is necessary for designing policies that can contribute to a more inclusive economy. This policy brief underscores the need for the G20 to adopt an intersectional approach in its discussions on sustainable and inclusive development to fulfil its agenda of gender equality and empowerment in a substantial manner.

Gender Equality, Women Empowerment, SDGs, G20