A G20 Coalition on Emerging Technologies for a Zero-Carbon, Climate-Resilient Sustainable Future

Shrivastava Manish Kumar , Anindito Dhimas Bayu , Sahu Preety

The Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals necessitate a move towards a developmental convergence point where all are safe, prosperous, and live in peace. Such a future partly hinges upon the timely development, deployment, and rapid diffusion of technologies, particularly emerging technologies. While these technologies are on the horizon, the risk lies in the time that they might take to have a mature market across the G20 countries. A coordinated effort among the countries with relevant capacities is needed to facilitate faster maturity of the markets for emerging technologies. This would necessarily require some degree of synchronisation in trade, investment, industrialisation, and governance of these technologies with the concerns of the environment and sustainable development. This policy brief outlines seven principles based on which a coalition on emerging technologies should be pursued at the G20 level.