Delivery of Agrochemicals and Nutrients Through a Biopolymer‑Based System Derived from Lignocellulosic Rice Straw

Sharma Neha, Allardyce Benjamin James , Rajkhowa Rangam , Agrawal Ruchi
Journal of Polymers and the Environment

Contemporary agricultural practises have stimulated environmental pollution, which has led to the debasement of the ecosystem, land, and environment. The utilization of chemical fertilizers and pesticides is increasing annually, which further damages agriculture. The current situation in agriculture has become unsustainable. Recent advances in nanotechnology have provided an innovative and resourceful approach to the agriculture sector by implementing a biopolymer-based delivery system that delivers agrochemicals in a controlled manner without polluting the environment. The prospective use of nanoscale carrier systems in agriculture has transformed traditional agricultural practices, making them more sustainable and efficient. Nevertheless, the implementation of this nano-based biopolymer delivery system in field conditions may raise numerous safety concerns (toxicological). The present review gives an insight into recent advancements in biopolymer based delivery systems that have revolutionised the agriculture sector.

Biopolymer delivery system
Surface modification
Technology adoption