A brief mapping of patents in microalgae-based systems

Kaur Mehak , Peshwani Hishita , Goel Mayurika
Microalgae-Based Systems: Process Integration and Process Intensification Approaches, https://doi.org/10.1515/9783110781267-023

Microalgae-based systems are one of the most sustainable substitutes for naturally occurring compounds, such as pigments, lipids, fatty acids, carotenoids, and proteins, which are well known to have various applications. In the past few decades, vigorous research has been conducted in the field of microalgae-based commercial applications. Global market trends have flourished tremendously with the increase in research and development of microalgae-based systems, focusing on the innovation of processes and development of products. Patents and publications are available on microalgae products that are present in the market along with their complete process. This chapter focuses on the available patents in the field of microalgae research from the past decades and their impact on the global market. Databases such as Google patents, espacenet, inPASS, and World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) were surveyed with definite keywords. Trends on the growth of the microalgae industry as well as the fundamental challenges are elaborated. Innovation management for the conservation of intellectual property rights would also be discussed with respect to Indian and global initiatives in this area.

Microalgae, Global market, Patents, Intellectual property right