Assessment of the pesticidal behaviour of diacyl hydrazine-based ready-to-use nanoformulations

Pandey Alka, Srivastava Shivani, Aggarwal Nisha , Srivastava Chitra , Adholeya Alok, Kochar Mandira
Chem. Biol. Technol. Agric.

Application of nanotechnology for crop protection in the form of nanopesticide has attracted significant
interest in modern agriculture for the management of devastating polyphagous pests. In the present work,
highly stable, ready-to-use water-based nanoformulations of hydrazine-based pesticides were evaluated for their
Insect Growth Regulatory potential against the polyphagous insect pest—Spodoptera litura. Also, the nanoformulations
were screened for their antifungal behaviour against plant pathogenic fungi; Colletotrichum gloeosporioides,
Rhizoctonia solani, Fusarium solani, and Alternaria solani.

Diacyl hydrazine
Electric two-wheeler