Antimicrobial Agents Based on Metal Complexes: Present Situation and Future Prospects

Sharma Bharti , Shukla Sudeep , Rattan Rohit , Fatima Musarrat , Goel Mayurika ,Bhat Mamta , Dutta Shruti , Ranjan Rakesh Kumar ,Sharma Mamta
International Journal of Biomaterials, https:/

The rise in antimicrobial resistance is a cause of serious concern since the ages. Therefore, a dire need to explore new antimicrobial entities that can combat against the increasing threat of antibiotic resistance is realized. Studies have shown that the activity of the strongest antibiotics has reduced drastically against many microbes such as microfungi and bacteria (Gram-positive and Gram negative). A ray of hope, however, was witnessed in early 1940s with the development of new drug discovery and use of metal complexes as antibiotics. Many new metal-based drugs were developed from the metal complexes which are potentially active against a number of ailments such as cancer, malaria, and neurodegenerative diseases. Therefore, this review is an attempt to describe the present scenario and future development of metal complexes as antibiotics against wide array of microbes.

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