A-Z of Sustainability

02 Apr 2018

"A-Z of Sustainability" is our endeavour to provide a repository of words and phrases - comprising a range of environmental, social and economic topics - that could be useful and contemporary and useful for sustainability professionals. For accurate and transparent accounting of sustainability plans and performance and to enhance stakeholder confidence; businesses have chosen sustainability reporting as an established communication tool. Terms like sustainability strategy, management commitment, materiality, neutrality etc. are commonly being used within the sustainability domain. Professionals often use several terms and jargons in this domain to express and articulate an array of concepts. These are commonly being used in the business reports, scientific journals/papers, policy documents, and even in the mainstream media.

Energy transitions
Renewable energy
Renewable natural resources
Sustainable development
Sustainable energy use
Sustainable Livelihood
Sustainable mobility
Waste management
Waste-to-energy generation
Waste-to-energy technologies
Water conservation
Water efficiency