Preservation and Protection of Traditional Knowledge: Documentation Initiatives in North East, India

27 Mar 2021
Meghalaya Traditional Knowledge Portal (MTKP)

The study aimed to identify, document, preserve, safeguard and promote forms of Traditional Knowledge (TK) that existed and are still practiced at the community level. Promote TK among Youth through collaborative awareness program, and study the possibility of integrating it in formal educational curriculum. The study carried out extensive documentation of TK relating to traditional Medicinal system viz., treatment process involved, information on ingredient, disease, prescription, healers profile, patient testimony etc.; Other major sectors studied and assessed include TK and skills relating to Agriculture, Fisheries, Handicraft, Handlooms, Veterinary. 

Meghalaya Traditional Knowledge Portal- This portal is a repository of the knowledge resources that were obtained and captured out of the current study. It is being develop to provide an evidence based efficacy of the traditional healing system; traditional knowledge on sustainable agriculture, fishery, handicraft, handloom and veterinary in North East Region and Meghalaya state in particular. The primary data and information were obtained through field visit survey carried out in 4 districts of Meghalaya viz., East Khasi Hills, West Garo Hills, West Jaintia Hills and and Ri Bhoi districts. Apart from the knowledge obtained through primary assessment and survey, the portal also provides published knowledge resources on Traditional Knowledge from authentic and authoritative sources both national and international sources.

Bio Resources Development Centre, Shillong, Meghalaya
Traditional practices