Obtaining Carbon finance through the mangrove ecosystem

14 Aug 2023

The Land Resources Division of TERI is involved in developing Carbon Market Projects in the mangrove ecosystem of Sundarbans and Gujarat.

Developing voluntary carbon market project for Sundarban Tiger Reserve in India:

The main objectives of the Sundarban Carbon Finance project:

a. Baseline preparation on the socio-economic status and livelihood of communities in and around Sundarban Tiger Reserve (STR), West Bengal.

b. Assessment of carbon stocks in Sundarban Tiger Reserve, West Bengal.

c. Preparation of Project Description (PD) & Monitoring Reports (MR), validation and verification of projects for Voluntary Carbon Markets.

d. Generating carbon finance under voluntary carbon markets and building capacity of the forest personnel in carbon assessment, preparation of PD, and Monitoring Reports (MR) for Voluntary Carbon Markets.

e. Issuance of voluntary emission reductions (VERs) and sale of VERs.

Developing Voluntary Carbon Market Projects for Mangrove Plantations (Existing) Under Carbon Credit Scheme in Gujarat

Preparation of Detailed Roadmap Towards Implementation of the Project A detailed roadmap would be developed for the activities to be conducted across three years, along with relevant timelines and exhaustive methodology to be followed. The roadmap would be developed in consultations with GEC. The baseline scenario would be accurately determined so that a precise comparison can be made between the GHG emissions that would have occurred under the baseline scenario and the GHG emission reductions and/or removals that project activities would achieve. The selection of clusters will be made in consultation with GEC in the selected two study areas. The detailed roadmap for implementing project activities has been developed in the form of an Inception report.

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