Decarbonizing industries in India: A holistic approach for industry transition

17 Nov 2023

The objective of the project is to accelerate transition of Indian industry sector to a low carbon pathway by an integrated approach which focuses on decarbonizing the energy intensive industries (steel, cement) including associated value chains.

To achieve the transition to a low-carbon pathway for Indian industry sector, a combination of technologies and policy instruments will be needed. These range from large-scale deployment of currently commercial technologies and practices like energy efficiency, renewables, and circular economy solutions, in the short term, to deep decarbonization solutions, accelerating R&D and innovation in the long term.

The project has three-pronged strategy with a focus on the following:

Accelerating the adoption low carbon technologies and practices, resource efficiency and circularity

Strengthening collaboration with government, corporates, and financial institutions; and

Facilitate knowledge sharing and promoting networks through dialogues and meetings, both at the national and international levels.

Energy efficiency
Energy industries
Green products
Hydrogen energy applications
Sustainable energy use
Sustainable public procurement