G20's role in Marine Biodiversity

27 Oct 2020

Collectively, Group of Twenty (G20) countries are yet to reach the 10% target set under the 2020 Aichi biodiversity targets - including marine biodiversity - and SDGs. This policy brief explores policy options and best pratices for enhancing Marine Protected Areas (MPA).

Marine biodiversity
The majority of G20 countries that are signatories to related international agreements have yet to meet international marine conservation targets.

Preservation and conservation of marine biodiversity is critical to ensure a healthier ocean and enhance ecosystem resilience. Marine protected areas are an effective tool to conserve marine biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods for dependent populations. Some Group of Twenty (G20) countries have not yet reached the 10% target set by the 2020 Aichi biodiversity targets and the SDGs. By formulating a cooperative G20 marine biodiversity action plan, G20 countries will be able to achieve their national targets and international commitments. Addressing this is essential for the transboundary challenge of protecting marine biodiversity while accruing socio-economic benefits from the ocean.

This policy brief has been prepared as part of the Task Force 2: Climate Change and Environment, of T20, to be held in Saudi Arabia in November 2020.