Research Focus: Western Regional Centre, Goa

goa research focus

Water Technology Research

The water technology area addresses issues pertaining to water resource management with a focus on water remediation technologies and watershed development projects, groundwater exploration studies, and Hydrogeological investigations. Primarily, we provide sustainable and cost-efficient solutions aligned with the needs of the stakeholders, based on scientific measurements, in-depth analysis, field and laboratory testing and pilot scale demonstrations in collaboration with our national and international collaborators. The varied activities under this programme touch upon SDG 6 and SDG 15.

Coastal Ecology and Marine Research

The CEMRC area is active in the marine and coastal sectors of various states in the country and works in the domains of coastal resources management, pollution monitoring, biodiversity mapping, aquaculture, education and training. Work undertaken in this sector includes ecological baseline assessment and biodiversity mapping of coastal ecosystems; assessment of fishery productivity community-based resource management by building capacity in artisanal fishery; entrepreneurship development, livelihood diversification and woman empowerment in sustainable aquaculture culture technologies through trainings and demonstrations. Educational tours for schools have also been conducted at the TERI Coastal Education Hub, Goa, to connect students to science and inspire environmental action.