TERI's Inaugural Open House Session Addresses Affordable Housing and Thermal Comfort

04 Dec 2023 04 Dec 2023

TERI recently hosted its inaugural Open House Session at its headquarters in New Delhi, where a diverse group of experts from government, academia, industry, NGOs, and stakeholders convened. This session signifies the commencement of a series of events leading up to the celebration of TERI's 50th year in the sustainability sector in 2023.

The roundtable discussion, organized by the Sustainable Buildings Division, focused on the critical issue of aligning affordable housing schemes with the adoption of thermal comfort and energy & resource efficiency. Emphasizing the pressing challenges faced by the affordable housing sector, especially in urban areas, the event underscored the vital need to strike a balance between construction speed, cost, occupant comfort, and environmental responsibility. Stakeholders were provided with a unique platform for engaging in thoughtful discussions, exploring innovative solutions, and seeking ways to harmonize policies and regulations, including the India Cooling Action Plan and Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna. The goal is to ensure that future affordable housing initiatives prioritize both occupant well-being and environmental sustainability.

Dr. Vibha Dhawan, Director General of TERI and President of the GRIHA Council delivered the welcome address. The session was moderated by Mr. Sanjay Seth, Senior Director at TERI, with a vote of thanks presented by Ms. Shabnam Bassi, Director of the Sustainable Buildings Division at TERI and Deputy CEO-cum-Secretary & Treasurer of the GRIHA Council. Distinguished dignitaries in attendance included:

Prof. Ashok B. Lall, Principal Architect at A.B. Lall Architects

Mr. S. Vikash Ranjan, CEO of Pledge4Earth

Ms. Chitrarekha Kabre, Professor at the School of Planning and Architecture (SPA)

Mr. Abdullah Nisar Siddiqui, UNDP Programme Analyst at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Ms. Bansi Shukla, Senior Program Manager for Industry, Buildings & Cooling at the Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation (SSEF)

Mr. Tanmay Tathagat, Director at Environmental Design Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Gautam Dey, Former Executive Director and Country Head for Asset Management, Office Fitout, Engineering & Customer Services at DLF Ltd.

Mr. Ashish Jindal, Lead for Energy Efficiency & Cooling at NRDC India

Additionally, the discussion featured contributions from members of TERI's Sustainable Building Division and GRIHA officials. Insights from this Open House Roundtable will be compiled and shared with key industry experts to facilitate further dialogue.

As a pioneering institution in sustainable development, TERI facilitated this dialogue, highlighting the importance of collaborative efforts in shaping the future of affordable housing in India. These initiatives underscore TERI's unwavering commitment to promoting sustainable development, addressing energy challenges, advancing environmental conservation through research, policy engagement, capacity building, technology development, and on-the-ground projects.

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