Launch Event for Sky Modelling Report and CIE Sky Type Finder Tool

29 Nov 2022 29 Nov 2022
India Habitat Centre, New Delhi


The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) in association with Mahindra Lifespaces (MLDL) is jointly hosting a Launch Event for the Sky Modelling Report and CIE Sky Type Finder Tool on November 29, 2022 at the Maple Hall, India Habitat Centre from 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM. The event aims to disseminate the importance of modelling the sky in co-relation with the impact on daylighting, and to showcase fresh perspectives arising out of the sky modelling activity carried out under the Mahindra TERI Centre of Excellence (MT-CoE).

As part of the launch event, a pool of multidisciplinary academic experts, researchers, and pioneers will share their experiences on several aspects including energy savings through daylight, data gap challenges in the field of daylighting, achieving visual comfort through the integration of daylight, derivation of sky modelling, and related technological advancements.

The Sky Modelling research at the Mahindra-TERI Centre of Excellence aims to define the sky conditions from the CIE standard general sky that best represents the sky luminance distribution for the Gurugram location in India. The main objective of this activity is to develop the sky model with extensive luminance and radiance data collection to generate realistic simulation background for daylight integration in buildings for a given location.

The use of daylight in buildings can be attributed to different conditions and varying design criteria. One significant benefit of using daylight is that it reduces energy consumption and indirectly reduces emissions.

The Mahindra TERI Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Habitat was jointly established by Mahindra Lifespaces and The Energy and Resources Institute in the year 2016. MT-CoE's vision is to build a greener urban future by developing energy-efficient solutions tailored to Indian climates with the objective to develop a repository of innovative materials and technologies in the context of the Indian building sector and environments.