India's long-term strategy: A guiding framework and role of policy instruments

30 Apr 2020 30 Apr 2020
Ms Neha Pahuja
Online Meeting

During the 'Big Picture 2050: Shared Vision for India's Growth and Low-Emissions Development' organised on 2 April 2020, deliberations during the event enhanced our thinking on prerequisites for a long-term strategy for India. TERI has developed a draft guiding framework for India's Long-Term Strategy.

In the second online meeting 'India's long-term strategy: A guiding framework and role of policy instruments' on 30 April 2020, the framework is for open comments and feedback from the same panel and various participants.

Policy instruments

In this online meeting, TERI will present the guiding framework and request feedback on the same from an expert panel. Additionally, we shall have discussions focusing on key policy instruments needed to support a long-term strategy, including markets and pricing.

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Ms Neha Pahuja
Centre for Global Environment Research
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