Business & Sustainability

Business & Sustainability and the content: "In our efforts to address Business & Sustainability, we work towards developing capacities in CSR and supporting endeavours of TERI’s Council for Business Sustainability.Our work includes engagements with varied sectors such as environment, education, and water. Additionally, we are closely involved in clean energy initiatives, and development of model villages. Our businesses operate with a collective dedication to incorporating sustainability into their strategies and practices.

Business & Sustainability

TERI Corporate Social Responsibility

TERI Corporate Social Responsibility (TERI CSR) works towards developing capacity for CSR and Sustainability programmes while exploring possibilities of collaboration with myriad stakeholders including companies, governments, foundations, civil society and academia. TERI CSR work ranges from working on areas of environment, education, water, sanitation, developing model villages, integrated development, rural development, clean energy, and environment sustainability.

TERI Council for Business Sustainability

TERI Council for Business Sustainability (TERI CBS) serves as the interface for TERI’s research work to be connected to the corporate world. TERI CBS engages with the core issue of what businesses must do to shape and lead in sustainability. The Council is a network of Indian business leaders working on a shared commitment to mainstream sustainability in business strategies and practices. Activities of the Council are governed by an Executive Committee - comprising CEOs from amongst the member companies.