TERI Conducts Carbon Stock Assessment Fieldwork in Mehsana District, Gujarat

12 Apr 2022


Centre for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (CBES), Land Resources Division, had conducted Carbon Stock Assessment fieldwork in the Mehsana District of Gujarat. The fieldwork was conducted under the project “Developing voluntary carbon market for agroforestry in four selected Districts of Gujarat”, a first of its kind project in India. The first fieldwork was conducted from 4th April, 2022 till 8th April, 2022.

With the help of the Department of Forests, Gujarat, the TERI team has conducted the carbon stock assessment for 31 sample plots in the Mehsana district where the height and girth of every tree was measured. Using these parameters, the total CO2 equivalent was calculated as per the methodology given in IPCC GPG and FSI. The project is intended to generate carbon credits, which can be later sold to receive financial incentives for the stakeholders. These incentives will be distributed amongst the farmers of Gujarat which would serve as an additional income for them.

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