Assessment of the adverse effect of crop residue burning on respiratory health: a case study of Patiala, India

15 Sep 2023
Sujit Kumar Ghosh
Anand Krishnan

Crop residue burning (CRB) is one of the top contributors to ambient air pollution (particulate matter 2·5 [PM2·5]) in north-western India. Despite the magnitude of the problems associated with high particulate amounts, there are few epidemiological data in India on the associated health effects of CRB, focusing on rural populations. The present study was conducted to quantify the effect of PM2·5 from CRB on the respiratory health of agricultural community in the Nabha block in Patiala, India.

This study, which shows the adverse effects on health from CRB (increases in respiratory symptoms and poor lung function), highlights to need to accelerate policy interventions and engage farmers in discussions on CRB elimination.

Air pollution
Health hazard
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