TERI CBS Results & Outcomes 2023 - 2024

The past year 2023 – 24 emerged as a pivotal time period. India successfully hosted its first G20 presidency. The year also proved to be a crucial midpoint – marking 7 years since the Paris Agreement was agree upon; with the next 7 years crucial to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals of 2030. The inclusion of – Sustainable Solutions for Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Transition; Inclusive Global Value Chains; Employment generation, social protection and skilling – in the G20 New Delhi Leaders Declaration brought to centrestage the solutions that will shape future development pathways. All these have been integral components of our 23-24 engagements with Council member companies and C-suite dialogues.

Throughout this time, TERI Council for Business Sustainability (CBS) witnessed enthused participation of national and global partners along with government stakeholders at the subnational, national and regional levels. The Council engaged with these diverse groups of stakeholders in myriad ways, and especially at crucial decision making platforms. Through 2023 – 24, the network of TERI CBS helped build a system that provides policymakers with reliable, relevant and real-world evidence from businesses to support the translation of NDCs and sustainability goals into effective policies and regulations, and the Council aims to keep strengthening this system in years ahead.

In 2023-24, at an aggregate level, the Council directly engaged with over 300 Indian companies, while reaching out to over 500 companies in the CBS Network. Glimpses of the key moments and outcomes of TERI CBS engagements in the past year is available here.

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