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Digital Transformation
for an agile environment
November 6–8, 2019 | New Delhi


About ICDL

TERI in collaboration with multiple government, corporate and private organizations is organizing the 6th edition of ICDL theme Digital Tranformation for an Agile Environment.

In every 3 years, ICDL conference was held with contemporary topics which have global relevance with localized focus. It has gathered digital luminaries across the globe, visionary policy makers, major corporates and meticulous learners at a single collaborative platform for shared knowledge and benefits. ICDL has produced specific and implementable recommendations in Government and civil society, which had helped Indian digital library communities to develop skills, shape their knowledge and reach out to international collaborations. ICDL provides an excellent platform where Government and Private bodies have jointly participated to keep this movement alive and draw the maximum benefits out of it.

Further to this, ICDL 2019 has identified Industry 4.0 as one of the key areas where digital transformation is undergoing a paradigm shift. In order to achieve SDGs, digital disruptions, application of analytics, artificial intelligence and IoT applications are taking place in manufacturing and service oriented industries in many processes.

The other major focus of ICDL is always being exploring new challenging areas in contemporary development and bridge the digital divide thus created. In the past years, ICDL emphasized on digital library development, preservation and access, and knowledge management.

What's New in 2019

Stretching the recommendation of generation and usage of data and technologies in libraries to meet SDG goals in future, this year ICDL emphasized on Digital Transformation for an Agile Environment. Digital Transformation is about revolutionizing the way organizations and institutions are continuously changing internal operations and activities, addressing the needs of various stakeholders, and embracing new trends and technologies in a sustainable way. An agile approach is to roll out new initiatives across the organization, which will ensure that all stakeholders to quickly adapt, deliver key product and service innovations and survive in a rapidly developing digital world.

ICDL 2019 will bring together leaders spearheading digital disruptions in their organizations to offer insights, knowledge, and case studies on contemporary issues and challenges of digital transformation. Also, it combines keynote presentations, interactive panel discussions, thematic events, and open-up opportunity of collaborative learning and networking. There will be a plethora of digital experts and digital technologists to discover how digital technologies are taking control of businesses and driving further digital innovation to new levels. The ICDL 2019 will host a vibrant mix of academic papers, presentations, keynotes, discussions, workshops, and exhibitions by national and international conference delegates.

Why Attend ICDL 2019?

  • Witness over 40 international speakers share their views
  • Collaborate with globally renowned international speakers and organizations
  • Present your research in the international platform
  • Selected papers will be published in the World Digital Libraries, a renowned international journal

Glimpses of Past ICDLs

Year Theme No. of Speakers No. of Participants
February 2004 Knowledge creation, preservation, access, and management 55 speakers invited from 16 countries 750 participants from 36 countries
December 2006 Information management for global access 45 speakers invited from 17 countries 600 participants from 35 countries
February 2010 Shaping the information paradigm 47 speakers invited from 17 countries 600 participants from 40 countries
November 2013 Vision 2020: Looking Back 10 Years and Forging New Frontiers 40 speakers invited from 16 countries 533 participants from 9 countries
December 2016 Smart Future: Knowledge Trends that will change the World Smart Future: Knowledge Trends that will change the World 550 from 11 countries

ICDLs, over the last 15 years, took center stage as a platform to promote DL research and bridging the digital divide, among DL enthusiasts, as it received participation from across the globe. All the past ICDLs have received over 3033 participations across the globe and have been recognized as one of the premier international DL conferences. ICDL is a major international platform focusing on the knowledge trends and associated technologies, tools and processes that are critical to meet new challenges and opportunities in the digital era.

Major Recommendations of Past ICDLs

After the evaluation of the poor state of public libraries in India, one of the recommendations was the allocation of funds for developing the public library system in India. It triggered a large number of DL developments such as Digital Library Information (DLI) initiatives by the Indian government and several national/international institutions in India, aimed at bridging the digital divide between the developing and developed countries. It also provided a platform to enable interaction among DL amateurs and luminaries.

Distribution of Paper in Past ICDLs