Need to place India's energy future in its political economy: Dr Navroz Dubash

At the 17th Darbari Seth Memorial Lecture, Dr Dubash emphasised on the link between India's political economy and the future of its energy sector

Dr Navroz Dubash, Professor, Centre for Policy Research, was one of the lead discussants at the 17th Darbari Seth Memorial Lecture on August 29, 2018. He emphasised on the need to place India’s energy future in its political economy. The future of India’s electricity sector will depend on untying the knot of issues related to low-performing electricity distribution companies in many states and so we need to pay attention to questions such as why India is a power surplus country and yet a couple of million people are without access to power, he said.

He also highlighted the need for demand-side changes in India’s energy sector and said that India is poised for a huge opportunity to lock in high energy efficient infrastructure.