Clean cooking in India: Will methanol cookstoves work?

11 Jul 2018 | Amit Kumar

Factors like access are important while considering clean cooking fuels for the masses

The Green School project - the journey begins for phase 2

04 Jul 2018 | Ms Neha

A task force meet for Tata Steel SPOCs was held for monitoring and evaluation of The Green School project

The mathematics of energy efficient ACs in India

29 Jun 2018 | Ms Aastha Manocha

Gains of energy efficient ACs laid out in numbers

Water-food-energy nexus in India

15 Jun 2018 | Ms Prakriti Prajapati

In these times of agriculture crisis and falling water tables, it is important to rework policies to better address key challenges in the irrigation-power space

Chennai is learning the art of solid waste management

15 Jun 2018 | Mr Kaushik Chandrasekhar

City authority's efforts towards improved waste segregation and management are poised to reap results

Consumer is king in ensuring resource efficiency in India

03 Jun 2018 | Ms Aastha Manocha

A panel discussion on Enabling Ecosystem for Sustainable Choices and Consumer Engagement

Solar rooftops - the affordable renewable energy option

31 May 2018 | Mr Abhinav Jain

Installing a solar PV system offers multiple environmental and economic benefits

Energy efficiency & India: The possibilities ahead

29 May 2018 | Dr Ritu Mathur

A TERI analysis of energy efficiency in India by modelling two scenarios

Thermal gasifiers to the rescue of MSME energy needs

21 May 2018 | Mr Sunil Dhingra

Biomass gasifiers are a clean and cost-effective renewable energy source for the MSME sector in India