To raise apple production in HP with global standards

01 Jan 1970 |
Mr Amit Kumar Thakur
| CSR Times

The CSR project, funded by Container Corporation of India, focuses on improving the quality and productivity of apples in Shimla, Kullu and Kinnaur districts of Himachal Pradesh, says Mr Amit Kumar Thakur, Head, CSR Initiatives, TERI.

To prevent recurrent monsoon flooding that brings India's metro cities to a halt, adopt the watershed approach

01 Jan 1970 |
Dr Shresth Tayal
Ms Swati Singh
| The Times of India

Adopting a watershed approach to micro-level planning in a city reduces its dependence on imported natural resources like water from outside the city limits, and mitigates the risks of extreme weather events, says Dr Shresth Tayal, Fellow, Water Resources and Forestry Division, TERI and Ms Swati Singh, Research Scholar, TERI University.